The UidGidResolver resolves user ids and group ids to their corresponding names.

    This is done by reading /etc/passwd and /etc/group on the host. Therefore any UID inside a container might not properly match the username inside the container. Since the path is hardcoded usernames provided through ldap, nss-systemd, systemd units with DynamicUser=yes, … will not be resolved correctly.


    Classic gadgets

    1. Implement the UidResolverInterface for the event struct to resolve a UID. The UID which is returned by GetUid() will be resolved to the corresponding username and is passed into SetUserName(...)
      type UidResolverInterface interface {
        GetUid() uint32
    2. Implement the GidResolverInterface for the event struct to a resolve GID. The GID which is returned by GetGid() will be resolved to the corresponding groupname and is passed into SetGroupName(...)
      type GidResolverInterface interface {
        GetGid() uint32

    Image based gadgets