Using trace gadgets

    The trace gadgets capture and print system events.

    The "network" gadget

    Using trace bind

    Trace the kernel functions performing socket binding.

    Using trace capabilities

    Trace security capability checks.

    Using trace dns

    Trace DNS queries and responses.

    Using trace exec

    Trace new processes.

    Using trace fsslower

    Trace open, read, write and fsync operations slower than a threshold.

    Using trace mount

    Trace mount and umount system calls.

    Using trace oomkill

    Trace when OOM killer is triggered and kills a process.

    Using trace open

    Trace open system calls.

    Using trace signal

    Trace signals received by processes.

    Using trace sni

    Trace Server Name Indication (SNI) from TLS requests.

    Using trace tcp

    Trace tcp connect, accept and close.

    Using trace tcpconnect

    Trace connect system calls.

    Using trace tcpdrop

    Trace TCP kernel-dropped packets/segments.

    Using trace tcpretrans

    Trace TCP retransmissions.