This section provides an overview of the gadgets included in Inspektor Gadget and guidance on how to use each.

    Common Features

    An overview of the common features shared across gadgets

    Using advise gadgets

    The advise gadgets suggest different system configurations by capturing and analyzing data from the host.

    Using audit gadgets

    This audit gadgets help to audit specific functionalities or security settings.

    Using profile gadgets

    The profile gadgets provide a way to measure the performance of a sub-system. These gadgets capture system events for a period and then print a report.

    Using snapshot gadgets

    The snapshot gadgets capture and print the status of a system at a specific point in time.

    Using top gadgets

    The top gadgets show the current activity sorted by the highest to the lowest in the resource being observed, generating the output every few seconds.

    Using trace gadgets

    The trace gadgets capture and print system events.

    Using script gadget

    Run bpftrace-compatible scripts using Inspektor Gadget.

    Using traceloop

    Get strace-like logs of a container from the past.