Over the past few weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to get out into the community to share updates on Inspektor Gadget and meet many of you in person. It was extremely valuable, and we look forward to more conferences in the future.

SCaLE 21x

It was great seeing so many friendly faces at SCaLE 21x in sunny Pasadena, California the weekend of March 15th. On Saturday afternoon we presented Inspektor Gadget as a part of the Observability track at SCaLE . There was a great turnout and we loved hearing your questions about all things Inspektor Gadget. There was interest in the safety of running gadgets in the kernel and excitement around the API the team is working on as a mechanism of leveraging the magic of Inspektor Gadget. As a part of the presentation, we asked the audience what they thought of when you hear “eBPF.” Here are the responses:

Image showing the responses from Menti poll.
Image showing Maya at SCaLE.

Cloud Native Rejekts

The same weekend of March 15th we were in Paris for Cloud Native Rejekts EU leading up to KubeCon. Only Inspektor Gadget could be in two places at once! Rejekts was held, as always, the weekend before and in the same city as Kubecon, meaning this time it was in Paris. At Rejekts Chris presented on creating a common framework for eBPF data collection . This covered the motivation for Inspektor Gadget and what Inspektor Gadget gives you beyond the eBPF parts.

Image showing Chris at Cloud Native Rejekts.

KubeCon EU 2024

Following Rejekts, we made our way to the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles for KubeCon EU. Inspektor Gadget had a booth in the CNCF Project Pavilion where we enjoyed talking to many community members.

In addition to the CNCF project pavilion booth presence, Chris gave a presentation with the Microsoft Defender for Cloud team at the Microsoft booth showing how they use Inspektor Gadget as the implementation layer for their new sensor.


We always love sharing updates and interacting with the community. Conferences like SCaLE, Rejekts, and KubeCon are great venues for us to collaborate in person. In case you were unable to make it, check out the talks online and as always, feel free to engage with us on Slack and Github !

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